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Offering a fresh perspective on maximizing value through asset redeployment, our global asset recovery team addresses the issues of real estate, machinery and personnel simultaneously.  Binswanger has joined forces with asset management leaders Michael Fox International, Inc. and Henry Butcher International, Ltd. (MHB) to provide best-in-class asset disposition strategies.  MHB can tailor asset recovery programs designed to meet specific time frames and provide maximum return on investment.  

We garner top value for real estate, and machinery and equipment through careful selection of the optimal disposition method, including traditional sales, auctions, online and web cast sales and sealed bid sales.  Global asset recovery capabilities enable Binswanger to offer creative solutions to exceed corporate goals.

Diversified And Personalized Strategies for Total Asset Recovery

Binswanger, along with GoIndustry divisions Michael Fox International, Inc. and Henry Butcher International, Ltd. , have joined forces to create an entity that provides best-in-class asset disposition strategies with local service and global reach: MHB. The integration of extensive real estate market knowledge and comprehensive asset management services uniquely allows us to garner maximum value for real estate and equipment and generates the highest potential possible return for our clients. Our broad international scope, extensive resources and in-depth experience provide you with better information, greater disposition flexibility, lower costs and greater return.

Utilizing a seamless communication network, we are able to coordinate the efforts of our asset professionals to customize efficient and cost-effective asset solutions for each client’s specific requirements.

We offer asset recovery programs tailored to meet the specific time frame and financial objectives of clients, ultimately seeking to achieve the maximum return. Crucial to facilitating this process is the strategic approach of the MHB alliance which provides the benefit of accurate and simultaneous assessment of real estate, machinery and equipment, and creative marketing and sales solutions.

Our team quickly works to identify local, national, and international buyers. We evaluate real estate based on location, building condition and market conditions. The value of equipment is solidly established through our multi-industry knowledge base and comparison to similar and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and production lines, as well as through calculated marketability and current market value.

For more information regarding MHB, please contact the following professionals:

Edwin Hernández, SIOR CCIM
Telephone: 787.525.4435
Fax 416.850.5786